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How Good Morning Peru was born


Good Morning Peru was born in 2015 with the intention to meet the need for tours of Peru by locals, benefitting the native Peruvians & bringing an authentic experience to our guests.

Here is our founder, Berny (on a tour)! He has over 20 years of experience guiding & grew up in Cusco. It had been only a dream of his that he could start Good Morning Peru, but dreams do come true!

Do reach out, Berny + team are very passionate about touring/trekking, history & Peruvian culture.

Trek in Lake

The need for a tour which doesn't feel commercial, is environmentally sustainable, while paying and treating workers fairly is the bare minimum for us.

100% Peruvian owned & managed.

Where we help make your dream tour come true

We feel there is a gap in the market, a lot of Peruvian tour companies are either unethical, or have grown to the point where they feel too commercial and don't offer an authentic experience.

We work exclusively with 10 workers (porters, cooks + guides) and by keeping visitor numbers low we can offer a more relaxed & authentic experience!

Whether it may be one of our established tours or packages, or a tour package tailored especially to you, we accommodate all requests.

Making you feel at home:

  • Allergies are very important to us, please let us know and don't be afraid, we will help!
  • Special requests (timing, food, clothes, equipment, transport), don't be shy!

On tour

Our guides speak English and Spanish. They can be very chatty, they try their best! While on tours or treks all things are carefully seen to, first aid, food, water & luggage, there is no need to worry.

We would like to give a special thanks to all our previous clients and future clients for supporting us in our journey not to become the biggest, but one of the best tour companies in Peru 😀.

Berny + team♥♥